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We Offer Marvelous Finger-Foods For all Parties - Click here

an imageWho would not crave for delish finger foods that are so fresh and fantastic! Who would not prefer cocktail foods for cocktail magnificent events? This is what we specialize for! Sydney Finger Foods! This is the very reason why we exist! We are here to serve you in this kind of events. We are nothing but excellent in different food that you need for any kind of events. There is nothing to worry if you have a guest that is health-conscious or vegetarian. We can arrange that for you to cater your needs. And best of all, despite of our quality foods and services, we offer at very affordable prices!
Feel free to reach us and try our delectable services. Pick Seafood Rolls, Australian Cold Meat Platters and many other delicious cuisines of your choice for any kind of gatherings or events.

Championing Finger Food for Cocktails for Parties - Click here

an imageMany will agree that cocktail parties are winner in terms of celebrations for successful events. And because of that we are here to help you facilitate your own cocktail party! One assurance, we will serve you nothing but excellent and fantastic Australian and contemporary foods. This is for a fact that we won’t exceed to your budget’s expectation. Does more than sixty (60) mouth-watering choices of dishes isn’t enough? It surely is! Plus we ensure you of a highest level of satisfaction that is beyond your expectation!
Another good feature of our service is that, upon choosing your options for a cocktail party, you can already determine the figures of money you are bout to spend. But if you want a lesser hassles and you are too busy to choose dishes, let our Skilled Staff/Chef do the job for you! Let him/her act in your behalf for picking and preparing a perfect choice for your guests! He she will surely not put you on shame!

Even in Party Mode…Cocktail Parties? - Click here

an imageRegardless of sizes of events that you want to host, we can offer you best, and nothing but the best buffet style and food services for your cocktail party needs. For the record, we have party package to choose from! We offer Value Prices, Service Deluxe, or Premium Quality with price bracket that will compliment your budget.

Executive office catering? - Click here

an imageIf you think we are only for party-parties? Think again! Sydney Finger Foods also offers catering services for corporate gatherings, gala, simple office lunches, formal conferences, for cocktail parties or for simple family celebrations nationwide in Australia. Aside from Aussie cuisines, we serve also you Contemporary Euro and Asian delectable cuisines! Catering up to the highest level of your taste buds.

Special Wed Menus - Click here

an imageWedding will be more special if you let Sydney Finger Foods cater and facilitate if for you! Elegant? Classy? Or Budget-friendly choice of wedding cuisines? Name it and we’ll have it for you! So just enjoy every minute of the events and savor the taste.
Your guests will surely remember the taste and the quality of service we extended even if they are already at home!

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